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Man discharges sperm on lady queuing for registration

A Senior Magistrate’s Court sitting at Karu, Abuja, was yesterday told how a 25-year-old carpenter, Godwin Aboye, got enticed with the appearance of a lady that stood in his front at a voters’ registration queue and discharged sperm on her dress.

Police prosecutor, Francis Udofia, told the court that on January 19, one Simi Maikasuwa of Karu village reported to the police that while she was on queue during the voters’ registration exercise at ECWA Church in the area, the accused brought out his male organ and pressed it against her buttocks and in the process released sperm thereby staining her cloth...

The prosecutor said the accused confessed to the crime during police investigations and contravened Section 285 of the Penal Code...

When the charge was read to the accused, he pleaded guilty and pleaded for leniency, while the prosecutor asked the court to try him summarily.

Senior Magistrate Sharon Ishaya Godwin found the accused guilty of indecency and convicted him to 10 days imprisonment or to pay N1,000 as fine option.

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Comment by UCHENNA on February 4, 2011 at 2:20pm


Comment by FLORENCE EZINWA KANMA on January 27, 2011 at 4:21pm
May be the lady was putting on low west or all these their romantic wears. If so let two of them be charged to court. Must of our ladies are looking for trouble due to their wears.
Comment by Ojelabi Oluwaseun Anthony on January 27, 2011 at 2:47pm
The man is a disgrace to we guys
Comment by Pipi "d real P" Ibodje on January 27, 2011 at 1:51pm
this is the first time someone was arrested and tried within the constitutional time frame. there are a lot of people who have spent over a decade in prison awaiting trial for 'allegations' not deemed unlawful by the constitution or the laws of any land even...i think the fine is too meager.
Comment by isheyemi felix oluwaseun on January 27, 2011 at 12:47pm

yeah shit happens , it shows that guy is really in good shape now for ladies beware of what you wear okay

laeving this spot


Comment by Paul Edemu on January 26, 2011 at 12:44am
Now from a different perspective & without holding brief 4 d convicted man, it's possible d woman's backside probably wit wat she wore provoked an uncontrollable sensation dat was too hard 4 d man 2 bear hence d accidental discharge in public (permit my ignorance of d facts). It's a natural phenomenon 4 a man's sexual organs 2 react 2 over-exposure of his visual senses 2 certain parts of d female body including a well-endowed backside. Methinks d guy can even institute a civil action against d woman 4 sexual harassment if d fact of indecent exposure is established.

Cases of lewd behavior are rampart these day of indecent exposure by d womenfolk who seem not 2 see anything wrong in baring tattooed cleavages, overflowing pubic hairs, pierced belly buttons, dangerously exposed g-strings etc. If only women knew d kind of reactions dat some of their actions trigger in d sexual metabolism of men, maybe they wud adopt a much more conservative dress sense. Even King David cud not resist a naked Bathseda.

D lessons 2 be learnt from d story include but not ltd 2 d ff:

1. Men wit high libido & poor Self Restraint System (SRS) shud learn 2 wear diapers 2 avoid accidental discharge in public.

2. Women wit provocative backsides (don't say u don't know u have one) shud avoid queuing in front of strange men in public, except there's an intention 2 seduce (u can neva tell).

3. A woman shud learn 2 politely excuse herself from a public queue if she feels any hard object from her behind suddenly seeking unsolicited tenancy in her fleshy backyard.

4. Women shud avoid wearing certain perfumes specially designed as gaseous alternative 2 viagra if they're bound 2 be in a public queue, as dat may bewitch some men 2 summarily 4get their routine 2 take queue behind d source of d smell as long as it lasts.

5. Women who like mini-skirts shud avoid public queues like plague & shud not attempt 2 pick objects from d floor.

6. Women shud learn 2 avoid body contacts 4 a long period in public queues such as INEC & molue queues 2 avoid exchange of body fluids thicker than sweat.

Well, may d gud Lord give us men d grace 2 see no evil, feel no evil & fall 4 no evil. Amen!
Comment by yussuf olalekan on January 25, 2011 at 11:57am
4get about it all its an immoral act .. indiscipline
Comment by Natty on January 24, 2011 at 9:10pm
She been wear low-waist, tight see through, low necked spagetti.....etc? Abi she been dey do eye " I want d thing, I want d thing"? But I beg o, d man na "Bunsuru"? That na he-goat 4 hausa language, where d thing happen.
Comment by Dan WebNutritionist/Motivator on January 24, 2011 at 3:58pm

"Has anyone ever asked what the lady was wearing that made the man to feel the way he behaved."

- Thats a crazy thing to say.If the lady was your daughter ,wife or mother would you be asking that sort of question? A man who lacks the level of self control is a potential rapist.God knows what he would have done to that lady if he met her in the dark.No matter how lascivious a woman dresses its no justification for ejaculating on her.What kind of world are we living in!

That man need serious psychiatric help.He needs to be counselled and so do others like him.

Comment by Demsy George on January 24, 2011 at 2:39pm
The Man, is a He goat, and she i hope enjoyed the show at first until, she remembered that the semen has the ability to stain her cloth that's y she's now complaining.


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