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    119 members News Feed : Oct 15, 2015

    Welcome to naijajokes site 's group on 9jabook where you will find hundreds of great Jokes. Join now and post your favorite giggles. Or, join our…

  • 9jabook kidbook Project

    3 members News Feed : Jul 19, 2012

    takes a book to stop a crook 


    join now …

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    4 members News Feed : Jul 1, 2009 Self Bank Mobile The Bank that pays you !

  • Festac

    3 members News Feed : Aug 16, 2013 Festac Town

  • cissp

    5 members News Feed : May 14, 2009 security ? are you secure ?lets find out then ?

  • Liverpool fc

    5 members News Feed : Sep 27, 2010 We'll Never walk alone

  • Ramsey Noah

    50 members News Feed : Jan 20, 2011 (born on 16 July 1973 in Edo, Nigeria) is a popular Nollywood actor. His father is of Israel and Lebanon descent, while his mother is of the yoruba…

  • Akwa Ibomites unite!

    17 members News Feed : Jan 18, 2012 A place where Akwa ibomites hang out,share the culture,the ideals and discuss issues affecting Akwaibom and akwa ibomites.Lets connect.

  • 9ja Wording Group

    47 members News Feed : Aug 6, 2011 Wording insults are ritually structured in such a way as to be so preposterous that they cannot be taken seriously as personal insults. In Nigerian…

  • Ankarafrica African Prints Clothing and accessories

    2 members News Feed : Jun 22, 2012

    Ankarafrica African Prints Clothing and accessories +2348064950565 info@ankarafrica.com



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abijohn posted a new article


Some Lawyers Argue to make a living but When some Friends argue its... Some Lawyers Argue to make a living but When some Friends argue its like they are make a hating Arguments are part of every day life and yours might be different from mine . Its like democracy One man One Voice , My Candidate may Lose and Yours Win but that doesnt Mean I wont Vote for you immediately My Voice says Vote !

public static void main(String[] args) is the main java declaration it means, in public when your reasoning is static it becomes void and mainly strings the parent Thesis and the result = aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghs "Json and the Arguements Greek Programmer 1111 BC "


this is subliminal and its in not intended to make you think Json was jason and arguements were the argonauts ..............

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