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Tanker Drivers Strike,Dollar Falling ! Unemployed Registration Starts,Oil Exports to China

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The suspect in Monday's train explosion in St. Petersburg, Russia, which killed 11 people and injured dozens, has been identified...
As shared on his twitter handle...
Dictionary.com has added 300 new words to its online database. The latest additions are a potpourri of hyphenations and slang...
Lawal Kareem, who is reportedly the younger brother of Nollywood producer, Seun Egbegbe has been arrested alongside two others, Olalekan...

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Some Lawyers Argue to make a living but When some Friends argue its... Some Lawyers Argue to make a living but When some Friends argue its like they are make a hating Arguments are part of every day life and yours might be different from mine . Its like democracy One man One Voice , My Candidate may Lose and Yours Win but that doesnt Mean I wont Vote for you immediately My Voice says Vote !

public static void main(String[] args) is the main java declaration it means, in public when your reasoning is static it becomes void and mainly strings the parent Thesis and the result = aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghs "Json and the Arguements Greek Programmer 1111 BC "


this is subliminal and its in not intended to make you think Json was jason and arguements were the argonauts ..............

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