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Another mob video Nigerian lady stripped, assaulted over alleged phone theft in Lagos

A young Nigerian lady has fallen victim of another mob action barely two weeks after the gruesome murder of four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) in Umuokiri, Aluu Community, Rivers State.

The lady, who was accused of stealing a phone, was shamefully assaulted in the video clip, which has gone viral on the internet.

The incident took place at an upscale shopping mall in Lagos.

The mob descended on the lady, stripped her naked and beat her to a pulp.

This happened amidst cheers and jeers from onlookers who were busy videoing the detestable act.

Despite efforts to ward off the several blows rained on her, she had objects inserted into her private part by the mob.

At a point, a man successfully inserted a torchlight into her private part, while others held her legs apart to make the bestial act easy.

All efforts by the helpless lady, who was weeping profusely and pleading, to cover her nakedness with both hands, failed, as the mob tugged at various parts of her body.

Meanwhile, several reactions have trailed the disturbing video, with some describing it as an act that debased humanity.

They questioned the absence of security operatives in such an upscale shopping mall and why the internal security did not make an effort to hand over the suspect to the appropriate authority.

According to most saddened by the impunity with which the mob carried out their dastardly act, the mob action is gradually becoming an accepted behaviour, warning that it should be nipped in the bud before it gets out of hand.

They also averred that anybody accused of any crime is considered innocent except proved otherwise by the court.

No one, they stressed, has the right to take life or subject another fellow human being to dehumanizing treatment.

Unanimously, they agreed that security operatives should live up to their responsibility of securing the lives and property of citizens.

source http://sunnewsonline.com/new/national/another-bestial-mob-video-cir...

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for decency we are not posting the video thanks for your understanding .

...hmmn, but you posted ALUU 4?..Abegy!

we did not post alu4 thanks

Do we really av govt in this country? Lord av mercy! And u will see majority of these people in church or mosque on Sunday! Taking law into our hands does not solve problems The govt are looting everyd

We have become savages. This is what we have descended to. God help us! We need to do something about the sanity of Nigerians. This is Sick!!!!!!

 State Police would have curbed this obnoxious act if we had exterblished it




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