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DSS Arrests Terrorists Planning to Attacks on Sallah

The Department of State Security Services (DSS)  says it has uncovered a sinister plot by terrorists to stage series of coordinated attacks…

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Beware of Whogohost - How Our Domain Name was Stolen with "help" from Whgohost Staff and incompetence

This is an email of how a NIRA members Domain Name ended up being Stolen Through the incompetence of WHOGOHOST Staff .. Dear  NIRA CEO >…

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Court sacks Reps Member,2Face - Dammy Krane was implicated,Beware of Whogohost

click here  to UNSUBSCRIBE  PLEASE... IT IS EASY ! Tweeterest America Launches  http://tweeterest.us  Our Top Sites Nairalaw: Financial &a…

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1674 19 minutes ago
DSS Arrests Terrorists Planning to Attacks on Sallah
by 9jabook.com webmadam


books that is why we are here !

87 Dec 19, 2016
Shock as Russian Ambassador Killed in Turkey !
by honey oguns

webkudi: getsense makemoney online

google has adsense we have 9jax getsense shine your eye .. shye !

79 Oct 25, 2016
Are You Popular on Facebook Twitter ? Make Money Promo From Tweeterest Digital !
by 9jabook.com

Shopping awoof !


39 Jul 18, 2016
DOTT.COM.NG Like OLX but Better ! Get Dotted Now ......Introducing Tweeterest.xyz blogs & websites
by 9jabook.com

nigeriapedia 9jawiki

nigeriapedia 9jawiki

51 Nov 25, 2016
What’s the Real History of Black Friday?
by 9jabook.com

News of the world cnn allafrica nigeria

news of the world

588 Dec 3, 2016
Wole Soyinka Dumps American Green Card in Protest to Trump Presidency !
by 9jabook.com

Nigeria tweet Celeb Tweet: a dtweet in the life of


13 Oct 16, 2016
Breaking News - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's ex wife Pastor Anita has NOT Remarried !
by 9jabook.com


Occupy Nigeria Yes We CAN ! THE THE RVP PROJECT

464 Nov 29, 2016
Shock ! Internet Prices to Increase by 100 percent on ALL Networks
by 9jabook.com

EFCC Nigeria Crime Reports

Report any corrupt official or corruption here

631 Jun 10, 2016
MTN AGREES TO PAY 1.7 Billion Dollar Fine to Nigeria ! So Dollars Will now Be Everywhere ? ? ?
by 9jabook.com

Black Planet Nigeria from America UK the Black Diaspora !

Africans who are Americans

362 Jan 2, 2016
US Domination of The World - The SHOCKING Wolfowitz Doctrine
by 9jabook.com

Boko Haram Terrorism Nigeria

Boko Haram Terror in Nigeria

855 Nov 16, 2016
7 Year Old Boy Lynched in Lagos for Stealing Garri ! Photo Advisory
by 9jabook.com

ipaidabribe Report your Local looters

corrupt leaders and corrupt nigerians report them here

63 Jan 20
Anarchy Fraud Allegations at College of Education Igueben as Edo State Holds Salaries since April of 2016 !
by 9jabook.com

Animal world discovery nigeria

world of animals

69 Jan 28, 2016
Cute American Eskimo Puppies for Sale in FESTAC LAGOS
by 9jabook.com

Gravepine & Tatafo Amebo wazobia unconfirmed news

unconfirmed so dont sue us

174 Apr 1, 2015
by 9jabook.com

kids of 9ja

9jakids project

11 May 27, 2016
TGIF & Happy Childrens Day ! - One For The Road Read The Children of Isreal !
by 9jabook.com

News from 9jabook members

news from members

20 Dec 16, 2015
8 Times Ibadan Beat Lagos Hands Down
by honey oguns

GAMES 9jago !

31 Jun 18, 2013
PS4 Wins E3, But Xbox One Will Win the War
by 9jabook.com

music 9jabeats


33 Aug 7, 2012
emmanuel the song lyrics by frank adeche
by 9jabook.com webmadam

Artists Poets Writers & Designers 9ja

Art World decipher Art Network nigeria Artists poets writers & Designers 9ja

22 Feb 27, 2016
Learn - A Poem aBout Learning
by 9jabook.com

love and dating


381 Nov 17, 2015
Why some people are good looking - and others are plain ugly - An Evolution of Beauty or Just a Creation ?
by 9jabook.com




What’s one thing you want to do every day?
wake up

abijohn posted a new article


Some Lawyers Argue to make a living but When some Friends argue its... Some Lawyers Argue to make a living but When some Friends argue its like they are make a hating Arguments are part of every day life and yours might be different from mine . Its like democracy One man One Voice , My Candidate may Lose and Yours Win but that doesnt Mean I wont Vote for you immediately My Voice says Vote !

public static void main(String[] args) is the main java declaration it means, in public when your reasoning is static it becomes void and mainly strings the parent Thesis and the result = aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghs "Json and the Arguements Greek Programmer 1111 BC "


this is subliminal and its in not intended to make you think Json was jason and arguements were the argonauts ..............

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